Field trip to Belur, Sakleshpur

Travelling is one of the best ways to impart knowledge to your child.

Field trips are thrilling educational breaks for students and teachers. They are designed to augment the educational experience for all students and provide the students with a chance to learn outside the classroom.

Recently a thrilling and a unique field trip was planned for the Students of The HDFC School, Bangalore. An experiential learning programme was planned for Grades V-X to travel to Belur, Haleebedu and Sakleshpur. It was a 3-day learning programme which exposed students to yet another exceptional experience. In this trip students visited some beautiful temples which signifies our history and culture. They appreciated the architectural and sculptural beauty of one of the important tirthas in Jainism followed by the natural landscape and ambience that contributed to the peace and serenity of the place. They further got a chance to visit Sakleshpur which is also called as trekker’s paradise. The breath-taking scenery of the place was an ideal setting for everyone. Students enjoyed company of their friends and shared some quality time with each other. They also got a chance to interact with the students of a local school where they spent some good time learning from each other.

Nothing beats an exhilarating hands-on experience to deepen learning. It’s the pause in routine and adventure that unlocks children’s mind to new things.

Students left for their homes with lots of memories, joyful learning and a thirst to learn more.