Literary Week - Day-4

What happens when some eager minds convene to enliven the ingenuous ethos that awaits the right opportunity? That opportunity for our students was the Literary Fest that we celebrated from July 18 to July 21, and being day 4, a dazzling showcase was anticipated.

Language classes were adorned by the smiling faces of students of Grade 9 reflecting their satisfactory accomplishment at having completed their posters on different literary periods. The Poet-Tree now stands tall bearing the imaginative fruits of cinquain poems that our sixth graders composed. The idiom express they made is ready for the literary journey that they all vowed to carry on with.

Grades XI and XII created attractive and informative posters on the theme Climate change.

The day for grade 1 students began with a Character Selfie as they were glammed up as various animal characters. Whereas, the students of grade 2 wrote a letter to a friend, expressing their love and gratitude. The letters were decorated with dazzling colours and were posted in the letter box. Furthermore, words came to life in the declamation activity held for Grade 3-5.