Literary Week - Day-1

The students of the HDFC School rejoiced at the Opening of Literary Week as they boarded the Grade 5 Idiom Express to explore the figurative world of idioms and poetic tools.

Grades I and II demonstrated their oratory skills by participating in the Hindi Extempore. Where Grade II conducted a writing activity in English on the topic The Day Crayons Quit, Grade I created a beautiful vocabulary wall.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar had a hearty meal and grew bigger and stronger with vocabulary tricks played by students in grades 3 and 4.

Brew, Sip, and Taste -Book Tasting Cafe offered them a range of genres to read from as Grades 2-12 sampled books from an array of fiction and non-fiction genres.

Small narratives helped them learn the structure of a story as they took the first few steps to become budding authors by using verbal and visual clues to narrate the most fascinating stories.

The tongue twisters tickled the sixth graders with their speed and accuracy as they tried to make ‘the bitter butter better!

Grade X ventured into the world of children's fiction through a 4-day in-class workshop. Additionally, Grade 11 and 12 students were acquainted with the finesse and format of 'Essay Writing'. The idea was connected to the recent announcement of the 'Expression Series' by CBSE on 'Yoga for Fitness' where the students were given the choice to write an Essay (1000 words) or a self-composed poem on the topic 'Yoga-Making India Global'.

Furthermore, 'Literary Tambola' enthused the students as they hushed through the book of their choice to create sentences in the same lines as tambola.

The literary week promises more fun and engagement throughout the week.