Literary Week - Day-3

The fun at the literary week continued on day three. The HDFC school library hosted Book Tasting and students were engaged in sampling different genres of books. The ‘recipes’ looked vibrant and appealing. The students of Grade III_V designed attractive bookmarks and book jackets. The Rhyming exercise in German lessons engaged the students in active learning. The budding poets of grade 8 created pastiches after reading about Walt Whitman and his style of poetry. Their reflective minds hinted at sustainability through poetic expression. Grade 9 students of the French language conducted a quiz/rapid-fire round on culture and civilization; highlighting the essence of Indian and French culture. Grade XII students explored the various ways in which they could infuse their voice with a structured essay – following the culture of observation, question-experiment-solution method, singular voice narrative, reader's perspective, and dual story approach. Along with an annotation of an essay written in freestyle, they will subsequently work on their original essays with a liberal and fresh approach.