school building of The hdfc school in bangalore

The HDFC School - Bengaluru

At The HDFC School, we aim to instill the joy of learning and caring in all aspects. We believe education should enlighten young minds, help them rationalize and empower them to fulfill their dreams. That’s why our pedagogy blends academic excellence, creative brilliance, values & discipline and safety & security to create a dynamic ecosystem for young, developing minds.

Our competent, experienced and progressive facilitators assist and guide the students in their journey to explore the world within and outside. We follow a constructive approach and pedagogy with project based learning and hands-on Education at The HDFC School. Our integrated, collaborative and interactive approach helps students apply their knowledge in real-life situations and contribute to their holistic development.

A holistic CBSE Education

We follow a CBSE curriculum and provide students a holistic, balanced education that’s a combination of various co-scholastic programs, physical education & sports activities, community-school initiatives and parent-school programs.

Our Promise

As a school, we want to deliver a future with endless possibilities for your child. We dedicate ourselves toward this endeavour everyday by delivering on the following promises:

  • Create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning & academic excellence
  • Cultivate a thirst for knowledge and higher education in every student
  • Engender a sense of teamwork and a collaborative approach towards learning
  • Build and maintain a highly-qualified and respected faculty
  • Foster a quest for excellence amongst students in all they wish to accomplish

The hdfc school bengaluru - delivering promises