Creating a Positive Social Environment for Holistic Development
Creating a positive social enviornment

Life is a celebration only when all of its facets are explored and experienced, be it failure or success. No new discoveries would be possible unless one’s true mettle is strengthened and tested. Therefore, it becomes crucial to provide the children with the freedom to imagine and put that imagination to work so that they learn to endure, question and create. One never flounders to find opportunities even in difficulties and failures if the learning environment ignites the desire to learn, explore and act.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Such an environment that fosters trust, risk-taking, self-confidence and positive interaction is nourished by The HDFC School located in Gurgaon. The school has an aura of exuberance and winning smiles; it is an abode of dreamers who breathe in their dreams each moment. The comprehensive curriculum of the school includes enriching activities to develop a variety of cognitive, creative, physical, social and emotional skills of all the learners and to give them playful experiences. The pedagogy followed at The HDFC School is a perfect amalgamation of individualized teaching approach and modern tools and technology.

Hands-On Experiences

The after- school enrichment programs seek to give that extra edge required to reach out for the stars. Here, energy fields not only carve dreams of sportspersons-in- the- making but also energize young minds and weave many stories of healthy relationships. Hands-on opportunities and group projects aim to help the young learners kick-start their journey to the real challenging world dexterously and develop the skills of cooperation and collaboration.

All round Development at the HDFC School

The students embellish the ambience of the school as they make everything a source of joy and develop their own tools of happy living. They celebrate learning as they play, laugh, wonder, make mistakes and embrace them. The teachers design their lessons to let the young inquisitive minds explore, discover, create and become progressive thinkers. Participating in several inter-school events allow the students to understand the importance of healthy competition and positive social behaviour.

Exploring Endless Opportunities

Cherishing such values, the proficient team of The HDFC School weaves plethora of success stories with affection and care. Through sports, art, music, dance, drama, public speaking, debate, role-play and theatre, the learner-centered pedagogy of our school exposes the children to the world of endless opportunities. The school believes in nourishing and empowering children with skill sets that would act as ladder of success and would help them make choices wisely.