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The HDFC School A New School of Thought

we believe education should enlighten young minds, empower them to fulfil their dreams, help them rationalize their thoughts and nourish their souls.

At The HDFC School, Bengaluru, our facilitators use a constructive approach to education with project based learning and hands-on experience as its areas of prime focus. This integrated, collaborative and interactive approach to learning helps students apply their knowledge to real-life situations and contributes to their holistic & overall development.

We at The HDFC School, Bengaluru are continuously adding value to our curriculum and improving our programming in order to enhance the skill sets and all-round development of our students rather than remaining textbook centric.

Education at The HDFC School

We follow a non-formal, yet structured approach to learning with a focus on family, home, culture and language. Here, children are encouraged to explore the environment around them, through projects that integrate Academics, Art, Craft, Technology, Music and Dance.

Why choose The HDFC School, Bengaluru?

We make learning fun! We are probably one of the only schools in Bengaluru that integrates field-trips, movies, workshops and meeting with authors & experts from different fields into our academic framework.

This is because, our curriculum is designed to enhance creativity, collaboration, communication skills and team work, not just focus on academics & examinations; at The HDFC School, Bengaluru, learning is done by asking questions, finding solutions to problems and the through application of ideas. This fun-learning environment helps foster Academic Excellence and Creative Brilliance; but moreover, it cultivates a thirst for knowledge and learning in every student.

We also believe that a school is much more than just an academia institute, that’s why we involve our students in a number of community & social welfare activities, even at a young age, and as they move to higher classes, we gradually expose them to more impactful and real social issues.

So if you are looking for schools in Bengaluru that will mould your child into more than just a bright student, look no further than the HDFC School Bengaluru; here your child will learn how to become a responsible citizen of the world by contributing to it in many ways.

We make learning fun

The positive involvement of parents plays a major role for the holistic development of a child. Parent Portal is a platform for the school to update Parents on the latest developments in the education journey of their child.


We recommend beginning your communication with our qualified admissions team as soon as possible to receive your earliest inputs for registering your child. To learn more about the admissions process, please call our team on +91 080-29720113 / 103 or email them at admissions.blr@thehdfcschool.com


Our Educators have made the Virtual journey a joyful experience for the learners and have themselves become happy learners in the process. Strong online work ethics are practiced by all and the students enthusiastically participate in the class interactions generating positive teacher student synergy in the classrooms.


Before choosing a school, both parents and the child need to visit the school and experience it before making a decision. For this very reason, we have provided a quick video tour of The HDFC School Bengaluru for you. Please do visit the school at your convenience for a physical tour.

Having questions is natural, getting answers is easy!

At The HDFC School, Bengaluru, we follow the best experiential, inquisitive, yet structured approach to learning through CBSE Curriculum. The ingeniously designed CBSE curriculum at The HDFC School, Bengaluru is in sync with our motto, ‘EDUCATE, EXCEL, EMPOWER’. The lesson plans and processes of The HDFC School, Bengaluru are in sync with the changing needs to create a new class of thinkers that are future ready.

The HDFC School, Bengaluru follows the CBSE curriculum with the best innovative pedagogy and holistic approach aiming to take the students a long way in preparing them to be leaders in the 21st century. And no, the CBSE curriculum at The HDFC School is transacted in a manner which is focused on developing analytical minds and does not appear tough at all.

Well, this is a personal choice a parent makes in deciding the curriculum he would want his child to follow, be it CBSE, ICSE or any other board.

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