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showcase their talents and energies

Cyber Hygiene and Security Sessions with Mr. Karthik Rao

Date of event: July - 2022

Description :

“Enlightening minds and staying updated with Mr Karthik Rao - A Cyber Security giant!”

Mr. Karthik is a technologist with interest in public policy. Currently working as the Centre Head of CySecK, the K-tech Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security, Govt. of Karnataka. He likes to work in the intersection of technology, policy, and ethics. He has more than two decades of Information Technology experience, with the last 7 years in cyber security.

Mr Karthik gave a rather relevant lecture to the aspiring technologists of The HDFC School, Bengaluru about Cyber Hygiene and Security, its nitty-gritty, and its importance. He patiently explained to the students who are only going to be knee-deep in the world of technology not only now but also in the years to come that cyber security is as essential as the soldiers guarding our borders; a reality we all are aware of yet fail to appreciate its intricacies.

Through various anecdotes and examples, Mr. Karthik very entertainingly explained to the eager audience about his subject of expertise which is cyber security and the wide web world.

The extremely engaged students actively interacted with Mr. Karthik in clearing their doubts about this field and also enjoyed the interactive session thus organized at school.

It goes without saying, that today’s session certainly has chalked out another path for the students to consider as their future career prospect as they did gain a deep insight into this extremely relevant stream to venture further into.