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showcase their talents and energies

Field-Trip to a supermarket

Date of event: September - 2022

Description :

An educational trip for the students of pre-primary was organized by The HDFC School, Bengaluru, to a supermarket. The objective was to acquaint the students and teach them about the need for food, and different sources of food (i.e., plants and animals), inculcate healthy eating habits and help them distinguish between healthy and unhealthy food choices. The students could see, touch, feel and smell the fruits and vegetables. They were enthralled by the vibrant colors in the market.

Children learned how different types of vegetables grow differently. They were also sensitized to ‘Healthy Eating Habit’. The activity not only expanded their comprehension of how food looks and smells but also exposed them to the routine activities in a market. The trip ensured a complete learning experience which helped to achieve the learning outcomes effectively.

On the whole, it was a fun-filled learning experience for each child. We hope these experiences will help our students to make the right choice when it comes to healthy eating.