Incorporating fresh trends & innovative approaches towards teaching – learning at The HDFC School
Incorporating fresh trends & innovative approaches

"Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence."

Abigail Adams

In the HDFC School, educators and administrators, are committed to ensure quality experiences for students across the ages, this also gives theman opportunity to grow. The facilitators throw light on various teaching methodologiesthat monumentally affect the way students learn.Here's a quick look at the current trends in teaching practiced at The HDFC School.

Kinesthetic Learning is encouraged in all age groups as learning by doing is the best way to learn. You can’t learn to ride a bike from reading a book. It is preferable for the child to learn from his/her own experiences which are a result of his own actions rather than believing in what the teacher tells.

The whole language approach encourages reading with expression, inclusion of real reading and repetition of similar sounds.The teacher links the reading context to the current theme and student’s interest is built as they enjoy reading as a fun activity rather than a regular textbook activity for the Pre Primary and Primary classes.

With technology all around us, it is inevitable to not talk about it in education. Imagine describing ‘rafflesia’, the gigantic parasitic flower without an image of it, the moment the teacher shows the picture, they will be in awe of the flower and may also want to find out more about it. Therefore, digitalization enables the HDFC teachers to create more interactive, engaging and flexible learning materials through Smart Boards, Google learning, (PAL – Personalized Assessment Learning) etc.

In the task based learninga lot of emphasis is laid on ‘learning by doing’. Activities provide vividness to experience. For instance, when the students have returned from the market, they would describe their experiences most enthusiastically because they have actually visited the market. Herein the various field trips & onsite visits serve as actual learning grounds for students across grades.

The higher grade students take great interest in theProject based learning. It helps them to work autonomously to investigate the problem, make independent decisions. The teacher acts as a facilitator and development of various skills takes place. Integrating these concepts based projects with life skills & creative activities in house enhances the learning process.

"Flipped Classroom," students' study the contentoutside of the classroom via readings, instructional videosand individual or collaborative activities etc. During the class, a significant portion of the time is used for practice, application exercises, discussion-based activities, team-based learning, etc.It offers transparency for parents, who know exactly what their kids are preparing for. This also improve the communication between parents and teachers.

Last but not the least it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.

The acmes of the HDFC School is the ‘inclusive education.’ It does not limit to just involving children with special needs into classroom settings but initiating a holistic education approach towards their academic, personal, social, emotional, cognitive, psychological and physical development. It is mainstreaming them into full time general classroomand giving them a combination of both special and general classroom experience with the help of Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) as per their requirement. Such inclusion also helps to sensitize the regular students for nurturing and caring towards their challenged peers.

To conclude, the vibrant hustle bustle in The HDFC School corridors resonates with curious, creative and joyful learners who strive to attain new milestones under the inspiring guidance of their ever inspired facilitators.