Gurgaon - Parent Testimonials

The journey with The HDFC School started few years ago when we were looking for some better school for our elder daughter, who was studying in other school. It was mere mouth publicity from few parents of the students of the school that made me think about The HDFC School. I was still thinking about my decision to move to The HDFC School for my kids. Somehow, I convinced myself to do the admissions.

The decision turned out to be really rewarding and very visible in just around a month, when we saw tremendous improvements in the overall confidence for our elder daughter. We, as parents were so happy to see our daughter excel in the academics and other activities.

The beauty lies in the way of teaching in the school that is very unique. The amount of homework that is given to the students is very less; but kind of learning that is inculcated to the students is immense. And strangely, the student never comes to know about learning they are doing by just being regular in the school.

The decision for our younger daughter’s school was almost no-brainer; and now both our daughters are in The HDFC School; and we are proud parents for two students of The HDFC School.

Gyaneshwar Purohit & Shweta Bhardwaj
Student: Annanya Purohit

Class : NUR A

We have been associated with The HDFC School for the last four years. Both our daughters study there and it's been an extremely happy association for us. The attention that the child gets from each teacher is fantastic and the monthly meeting with the teachers gives great insight into the progress of the student. Even the report card specifically has a page for each subject as well as extracurricular activities. The school encourages all round development and each kid has to participate in performances, interdisciplinary projects, sports music and dance. There are ample opportunities to spot unique talent in each student of the school.

During Covid, the teachers have been teachers and mentors for the kids and one could see a difference in the students once the school started.

A big thank you to the teachers and the management for creating a structure where reaching out has been easy and effective.

We wish that the school can continue with this journey and adopt new methods with some of the older ones to make education fun and our daughters wanting to not miss school for a single day. "

Rachit Chowdhary & Neha Chowdhary
Student: Aashirya Chowdhary

Class : NUR A

Selecting a school for kids to start their academic journey is a challenge in itself. With so many schools around it has become a daunting task to select a good match for your kid's requirements.

Kid's at an early age require individual attention to understand the concepts and build a strong base. With this in mind, we set out to select a school for our son.

At The HDFC School, the focus has always been the kids and attention to each individual in the class. The curriculum designed for the introduction of concepts is very good as the entire focus is on the practical and interactive ways of learning. My kid has been loving the way his teachers involve them in activities and this has helped them stick to the classes even in online mode.

The teachers are the most impressive part of the entire setup. Their dedication and commitment have helped build a special relationship between them and the kids. This attachment has been pushing the kids towards betterment and we are glad to have such teachers for our kids in the establishment years.

The timely updates and regular support from the school staff have made it easier to attend regular school in an online mode.

I wish to thank the staff and principal ma'am for their honest dedication towards making each day count for our kids.
Thank you.

Dhiraj Chadha & Richa Chadha
Student: Viyaan Chadha

Class : NUR B

Our experience with The HDFC School for our son Reyaansh has been amazing to say the least. The school does not believe in ‘one size fits all’ approach. It is flexible in its approach so that individual needs of each child are met.

The management and teachers are very approachable and work together with the parents to ensure every child gets the right coaching even during this pandemic period. I am really grateful to the teachers (especially Aditi Ma’am and Disha Ma’am) who have gone out of the way to ensure that they form a personal connect with the children despite the online classes.

This is just the beginning for our son and we are looking forward to the rest of the journey.

Anupam Vasdani & Radhika Bhatia Vasdani
Student: Reyaansh Bhatia Vasdani

Class : KG – A

Two years back, we decided to shift our kids from prestigious Gurgaon School and pursue their journey with The HDFC School.

I believe that it was our destiny which landed us here and made our life fulfilling. Even during pandemic and virtual classes, My kids never felt it was new school and experienced friendly, caring and positive vibes from everyone in school.

It has been rewarding experience to see the holistic approach of the school which constantly focuses on student’s growth and development with valuable feedback. School invests in building future leaders, fosters collaborative culture internally and externally. Establishes connection for lifelong with students with steady focus on education, sports, extra activities, personal development and their well-being.

We are delighted parents to watch our kids grow in a healthy and safe environment which is another family for them. I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards The HDFC School, teachers and all the staff in making our kids life so amazing.

Anand Shekhar Singh & Sharmila Singh
Student: Ria Singh

Class : KG – C

Every child comes from unique environment and the child in themselves are unique. School is a place where all these unique children come and gather together to get ready for the worldly affairs and they are nurtured and fed with information that has been experienced and written down by over learned and knowledgeable people who have excelled in the field. The HDFC School has been place where this human nature is nurtured and growth with these wise thoughts, give their own place to grow and flourish, with constant monitoring and wellbeing. We have been more than happy to continue to this privilege to be a part of The HDFC School family.

Siddharth Bhatli & Neha Bhatil
Student: Jaivardhan Bhatil

Class : VI B

Subsequent to shifting our residence to Gurgaon, we were on a lookout for a suitable school for our 5 Year old son. After recommendations from friends and visits to several schools, we were rather impressed with The HDFC School, both in terms of the planned layout and the academic possibilities over an extended period of time. We were also impressed by the segregation of the Junior and Senior School buildings, as it would ensure requisite attention to the younger students in their formative years. The interactions with the staff was also very encouraging.

The outcome of this consideration resulted in our child - Aahan Mall being admitted to Class 1-B for the academic session that commenced in April 2021. While classes were scheduled to begin in April, this was unfortunately not possible on account of the precautions being undertaken on account of CoVid-19. Physical attendance had not been possible these past 7-8 months, and the children are now finally able to attend classes’ in-person under the watchful eyes of their teachers and caregivers. During these months, Aahan had been attending classes online. We have been carefully monitoring the teaching methods employed, curriculum and participation by the students and are very pleased to see the attention and concern by the class teacher and the various subject teachers to ensure holistic development of the children. This is across the tradition subjects - Hindi, English, Math, Science and the extra-curricular activities like Computers, Art, Dance, Music and Physical Education. On one or two occasions, when a substitute teacher needed to step in, it was heartening to see that the absence of the regular teacher was never felt and there was complete continuity. This gives us immense confidence that the concern for the students is not isolated to an individual but spread uniformly throughout the teachers. We trust that the resumption of normal classes would enhance this feeling of security and confidence that you all have instilled in us.

Our heartiest congratulations to The HDFC School as a whole and in particular to Aahan's class teachers - Ms. Jasleen Bedi and Ms. Tina Kapoor for providing a superlative education experience.

Manika and Paritosh Mall
Student: Aahan Mall

Class : IB

I'm writing to express my deep appreciation for the incredible work that the school is doing to nurture and grow the children. We are really glad that our twins, Ariv and Arjun, attend The HDFC School. The previous two years have been challenging and stressful for us, as they have been for many other families, as a result of a prolonged lockdown that has culminated in fundamental changes in our way of life. The school did everything possible to help each child on an individual basis. I was quite impressed to see how smoothly the school transitioned to virtual learning. What stood out for me, though, was the immense effort put in by the teacher toward each child personal development, it was heartening to see teachers taking personal responsibility of each child's learning, believing in every student, and using numerous methods to keep young students motivated. A big thanks to Divya Malhotra for doing an excellent job. It's reassuring to see how well she manages this age group of children remotely. It's absolutely inspirational to see her juggle fun and academics with such elegance. Thank you very much for all of your hard work in bringing out the best in each child.

Achraj & Bhawna
Student: Ariv and Arjun singh

Class : II B

I do not clearly recall the reasons I chose The HDFC School for my son, Shlok. However, I do know why this has turned out to be one of the best decisions I took for him. I have never had any complaint against the school in the last five years. Whether it is the well-balanced curriculum which focuses on overall development of the child or the student-teacher ratio in each class which is optimal for kids to have personalized attention, the school always stands out irrespective of the criteria. The fact that the teachers know all the kids so well and much beyond their names, creates a truly conducive learning environment for the child. All the teachers and administrators are extremely supportive and very accessible. Year after year, classes continue to be academically challenging and socially nurturing. Every day when I see my son grooming into a fine young man, I know in my heart that I have a lot to owe to The HDFC School. Now I even have my younger one, Samaira, going to The HDFC School which speaks volumes of what my wife and I feel about the place.

I wish the school the very best.

Sagar Jain & Shweta Jain
Student: Shlok Jain & Samaira Jain

Class : III A & KG B

Thank You The HDFC School!!

First of all, I would like to thank Preeti Ma’am, for being such a wonderful and approachable person, as she is always there for our help.

The teachers are doing great job and we couldn’t have ask for anything better for our son. The way teachers have conducted the classes is amazing, with proper time table and covering the syllabus at a comfortable speed. That puts us, as parents much into ease.

Special thanks to Principal Ma’am, for always been there to answer all or doubts and questions. All in total, we are pleased, that our child is in hands of good teachers. The overall holistic development of the child is the primary motive of the School.

Thank you again!!

Vinay Pandey & Bonashree Khatoniar
Student: Kian Pandey

Class : V A

My children Srishti in grade 12 and Krrish in grade 10 are happy students of The HDFC School. In the past 3 years, they have bloomed like a young flower. The school never hesitates to make the students participate in a number of competitions ranging from intra school to national level. This has helped my children gain confidence and given exposure to them. Even during the peak time of Covid 19, the efforts from the schools side were more than enough. In my opinion, no other online class could match the level of engagement of the class. I thank all the teachers of the school for their countless efforts. My daughter is going to soon graduate and even now she doesn't want to leave the school. It will be a very emotional moment for her when she finally passes out. I can blindly recommend the school to any parent. I fully trust the school and the teachers. I again thank the teachers and respected principal maam for making my children's school life a blissfull and memorable one.

Sandeep Gupta & Ruchika Gupta
Student: Srishti Gupta & Krrish Gupta

Class : XII A & X A

"The journey of both my two daughters have been great in The HDFC School. One being in middle school and one in high school 12th grade. The school is doing exceptional work, maintaining a perfect balance with academics as well as extracurricular activities.

The teachers here have been successful in maintaining the 'love for learning', acknowledging the individuality of each and every child, focusing them towards their learning growth. The administration is open minded and goes out of the way to help students. Really appreciate the school's effort in organizing different workshops, activities to cater to the socio emotional growth of the students. Education in The HDFC School has been a very positive experience for our family. Sincere gratitude to all the middle and senior school teachers for doing a fantastic job.

Sachin Maheshwari & Swati Maheshwari
Student: Dhriti Maheshwari & Khushi Maheshwari

Class : VIII A & XII A

It’s been an absolute pleasure and sense of satisfaction seeing your kids grow not just in academics but overall personality development. The personal touch and focus every teacher has including the Principal is just unbelievable. Frankly, have never experienced this kind of one on one Teacher Student relationship.

Thanks to The HDFC School team led by most abled Anita ji for shaping up my kids in such an excellent way.

Anand Prakash & Nandita Sharma
Student: Gautami Sharma & Harshvardhan Sharma

Class : XII & VII

After reading in newspaper and extensive survey we finally decided to admit our kids in The HDFC School. Unfortunately the pandemic locked down everything around the world and as a parent left me worried about how kids will do in new school, new city and adapt to a new way of learning? Even before this could be a concern E-learning was introduced by The HDFC School. The educators have really stood out in implementing E-learning platform with no delay, which put us at ease. Besides being a new way of teaching, with great hard work and dedication by class teacher and all subject teachers and co-ordinators, classes were conducted efficiently. This was the time when we realized how hard teaching is and how teachers deserve a lot more respect than we usually give them.

At The HDFC School, the course content and assignments are done in a professional way, is well planned and conducted in an organised manner. IDP programmes are an excellent way to learn about new themes and a good platform to enhance overall skill set of kids. I would like to specifically mention about special consultation sessions with Dr. V .S. Ravindran for students and parents conducted on a regular basis which have added immense value to our lives.

As with on campus classes from last two months, I can see kids enjoying their activity classes, outdoor games and meeting new friends with new school surroundings.

My many thanks to everyone at school. I believe my kids and school will flourish hand in hand!

Abhay Dixit & Mugdha Dixit
Student: Aaryan Abhay Dixit & Aboli Abhay Dixit

Class : VIII B & IV A

Kaweldeep Singh & Anjali Bhatia

The HDFC school has been the best decision for our sons. The management and the teachers are very professional, enthusiastic and compassionate for all-around development of the students. The learning methods are a perfect balance of experiential and traditional techniques. The school focuses on developing good values in children. The class strength is good enough for teachers to provide individual attention to each and every child. The support staff is also very gentle and caring towards the children. It is our sons’ second year with the HDFC school and we can already see them evolving and their interests developing in reading, elocution, art, dance etc. They love going to school and are missing it dearly in these Covid times.'

Kaweldeep Singh & Anjali Bhatia
Student: Ayaan Bhamra, Aviraj Bhamra

Class: KG A

Ruchika Gupta

My kids Srishti Gupta and Krrish Gupta, have been a part of the HDFC family from the last two years. They get the right blend of academics, sports, co-curricular activities and many opportunities. Moreover, here at HDFC, my kids got the right exposure to showcase their talents. The teachers here, are 24x7, available and are always motivating the students to perform their best and work hard.

Though the virtual mode sounds to be a little boring and quixotic, but for us there is no difference between the virtual and the physical mode of learning. My kids love every member of the HDFC family and they just never want to miss a day of the school. My kids are blessed to be a part of such a great institution.

Ruchika Gupta
Student: Shrishti Gupta, Krrish Gupta

Class: XI A, IX A

Nidhi Gupta

When the earth is coping with the pandemic and none of us imagined that we have to study on an online medium, I wanted to express something that’s coming in mind about this new method of teaching. We are now able to see your teaching style, pronunciation, language, courage and persistence. Although the concepts to be taught to a first-class student are really simple and every parent can teach but the kind you handle kids is really awesome. Apart from this, teachers have to cope with the language issues of children, which is really commendable.

Nidhi Gupta
Student: Kashika Bansal

Class : I E

Dr Gitika Sud

My daughters Ms Nitika Sood and Ms Anya Sood have joined The HDFC School this year. I am writing to you to share my experience so far. I was very apprehensive about the girls settling in the new environment esp given the fact that they have moved schools within Gurgaon. However, their respective class teachers, Mrs Puneet Rahi and Mrs Ritu Kalla, made this very easy. They have supported both my daughters in ways which go beyond the call of duty for which I will forever be grateful.

The unfortunate circumstances which have arisen second to the COVID crisis are unprecedented but have been handled brilliantly by your skilled team under your able leadership. Not once have I felt hesitant in asking a question, raising a concern. It has been dealt with promptly and proactively. The virtual lessons are interesting as well as engaging and have helped keep a structured routine for the children which has been a tremendous help.

The sensitive approach of the school post the declaration of the 10th board results deserve a special mention. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you as well as the entire team of teachers for all your efforts and dedication. The HDFC School will definitely soar to great heights given the dedication of the whole team. I would also like to thank all the administrative staff at the backend who have worked so hard to make the whole operation a smooth sail. A special note of thanks once again to Ms Puneet Rahi, Ms Ritu Kalla, Anadi Sir, Shalu Ma’am, Jagriti Ma’am, Ms Renu Joshi and Anu Ma’am. Thank you for letting us be a part of the HDFC family.

Dr Gitika Sud
Student: Nihal Parvathareddy

Class : XI A

Swati Maheshwari

Congratulations on the outstanding CBSE results.Kudos to the dedicated team as well as students . We as parents are happy with the way the academic as well as extracurricular activities are being taken care of in spite of the absence of physical presence.

We sincerely thank the whole team for making learning more interactive as well as fun for children.The sessions planned on cyber safety as well as by Dr.Neetika were thoughtfully planned. The initiative of the yoga classes for grade 11 is highly appreciated which further relaxes them and helps in the overall mental health. We as parents of Dhriti Maheshwari(grade 7)and Khushi Maheshwari ( grade 11) are happy to be a part of the HDFC family.

Swati Maheshwari
Student: Khushi Maheshwari

Class : XI A

Megha Gupta

My Daughter Siya Agrawal who is studying in KG D has been a part of the school since nursery and having seen her progress over the last 1.5 years, I can comfortably say that choosing The HDFC was the right decision I made for her. The initial years are extremely critical for a child’s development -getting the right school is of utmost importance, and as a mother I strongly believe that The HDFC ticks all the right boxes – be it academics, ECAs, sports, safety, or an overall well-being of the child. I made a decision which I am very happy with!

Megha Gupta
Student: Siya Agrawal

Class : KG D

Kavita Maggu & Jai Shiv Chawla

I would like to take this opportunity to thank school team members for nurturing my son. I really appreciate your efforts and support for providing quality education, moral ethics, and molding him towards the path which surely will lead him to the right direction. It was really good to see that school responding quickly to the unknown situations like covid and continuing the education systematically. It's a privilege and not an obligation to get education in the HDFC School. Thanks for planting the seeds of knowledge.

Kavita Maggu & Jai Shiv Chawla
Student: Hardik Chawla

Class : KG-E

Neera Garg

Every child has his strengths and weak areas. Building on strengths is not easy but it is much more difficult to turn weaknesses into strengths. And HDFC school achieved this impossible. SST was one subject that Aaradhya simply hated, more so since it involved theory, rote learning and the syllabus was enormous. But thanks to experienced teachers at school, we could clearly see him transitioning from hating the subject to loving it by the end of class 10. Economics seemed to interest him a lot and History, Civics, Geography did not seem like a burden to him any longer. Similar story for Hindi, from struggling to write simple Hindi to a point in time when he got so attracted to Hindi poetry that he loved reciting it for recreational purposes – this was something we could not imagine few years back.

Besides academics, he got lot of exposure in public speaking and immense confidence. All teachers and even Principal ma’am are very helpful and approachable and we can work together with them for getting the best out of our children.

Neera Garg
Student: Aaradhya Garg

Class : IX A

Piyush Sharma & Neerja Mishra

We love HDFC School. Our daughter has attended HDFC school for one year so far and we are truly amazed to see her growth in terms of learning and socializing. The creative and innovative methodology used by the HDFC teachers makes learning a very engaging and fun task for children. We are so thankful to HDFC for providing an enriching, comforting, fostering environment to our child to let her grow academically and socially.

Piyush Sharma & Neerja Mishra
Student: Gaurangi Sharma

Class : I A

Varshika Jain

We moved to Gurgaon from a tier 2 city and were not sure about a lot of things, one of them being the school. When we came across the HDFC school, we knew that this is where we would like our son to get the education and life skills from. The teachers in the school are well qualified and highly experienced. The curriculum is upto the mark and is not behind in extra curricular activities and sports. My son loves to go to the school everyday and enjoys his time there. I would recommend this school to all the parents out there.

Varshika Jain
Student:Rivaan Jain

Class : II B

Shipra Kant

The HDFC School, Gurgaon is an epitome of knowledge and over all development of the child. The school at every occasion has surpassed our expectations when it comes to my daughter's development as a human being.

I must acknowledge the efforts and skills of the class teacher "Manjusha Prajapati". Her eye for detail, undivided focus on development of each child is commendable.

Shipra Kant
Student:Anshika Kant

Class : I D

Priyanka Sukhija

I would like to congratulate the Principal and teachers of HDFC school for being able to conduct online classes very efficiently.

Children feel as if they are in school. They enjoy the prayer time, circle time, fruit break, various activities and games that teachers include in their teaching methodology. It is commendable that teachers are able to get the attention and interest of the child even when they are remotely situated. My best wishes and sincere thanks to the entire HDFC team.

Priyanka Sukhija
Student: Aadya Sukhija

Class : II E

Surbhi Jain

The HDFC School is like a wave of fresh air in the education system of today. The curriculum is full of experiential learning that includes audio- visual teaching, involvement of kids and quick and forever learning. The teachers love the students so much that the children wish to go to school and are missing the school in the current pandemic. The education system ensures all round development of the child. I have seen a big positive change in my child ever since he joined The HDFC School Gurgaon.

Surbhi Jain
Student: Sarthak Jain

Class : 2B

Ruchi Bhatia

It’s being 3 years since we admitted our children to The HDFC School, Gurgaon. The journey of our kids so far with the school has been very satisfying and fulfilling. We have observed sea change in both our children. They have become more confident and communicative. They are fairing well in studies and sports as well. The school provides a fair blend and equilibrium of academics, sports, personal well being and co curricular activities. The low student teacher ratio provides more attention and focus towards the kids. This also helps in course correction if the kid departs from its path. The teachers pay lot of attention towards each and every student. The school promotes and encourages 100 percent participation of their students in various activities ! We as parents we feel blessed that our kids are part of The HDFC school.

Ruchi Bhatia
Student: Shaurya Bhatia

Class : VI A

Apoorva Sharma

I would love to appreciate teacher’s effort during this pandemic situation. The amount of hard work Gargi ma'am is putting is commendable. She is putting hard yards to make children comfortable and study. We are also thankful to HDFC school to keep the studies going via online channel during these testing times.

Apoorva Sharma

Class: 2 A

Navya Anubolu

We are extremely happy with our choice to join the kids in HDFC school, an excellent academic and extracurricular programme in a safe and comfortable environment. The curriculum provides superior learning experience, in both personalised as well collaborative ways. It has been already 2 years and we are very happy and proud to see our little ones stepping up in their learning and development. We acknowledge the great efforts of the teachers in developing the kids excel in their all-round development by constant focus and tailored ways of coaching. It is incredible to see great ways of handling virtual classes and engaging the kids to cope up, conducting webinars for parents to understand and be relevant during this new normal. We appreciate the greatest efforts of the whole HDFC school team in nurturing the kids excel and grow to become independent and responsible. Thank you!

Navya Anubolu
Student: Nihal Parvathareddy

Class : KG C

Sonali Venkatesh & Venkatesh Tarakkad

"Our son Tanish joined HDFC under difficult circumstances. When we moved to Gurgaon in 2017 beginning, Tanish first joined a well-known international school. However, the effort from the school to integrate him was poor and we decided to change schools within 6 months. We heard about HDFC having recently started the school, led by Mrs Makkar who has a great reputation. We met Mrs Makkar and Mrs Ruba Chakraborty (the school coordinator), both of whom made us comfortable. Ruba madam patiently had a long interaction with Tanish, addressing his concerns and questions. Tanish felt happy to join the school and has not looked back since. Ruba madam continued to check on him to ensure that he was integrating well and she continues to be available even now for any discussion.

Education is definitely about academics but also about growth as an individual. HDFC encourages children to maintain their core personalities. Teachers are grounded and have an open outlook while guiding students from a long term point of view. Just a couple of examples.

1) Tanish was able to understand and explain some concepts in science via flowcharts. The teacher found the idea interesting and communicated accordingly to Tanish. At the same time she also patiently explained to him how important it is to also be able to write the answers in a certain way as per CBSE format. 2) After finishing one of his SST exams much before the allotted time, Tanish had drawn a comic strip on the question paper. The teacher did not ask him to stop drawing but instead gently coached him that as a practice he should revisit his answers before handing over the answer paper.

Academically, the teachers also put in extra efforts by offering extra classes for students who may have missed some school or needed additional support on some topics.

Tanish was actively encouraged to express himself, be his creative self and is given opportunities to share them on a platform. e.g. The music teachers put in a lot of effort to help improve his singing. The positive environment is created not only in areas which they are good at, but also the environment motivates children to try to improve in areas which they are not so good at. e.g. The PE teachers ensure that the sessions are interesting and inclusive.

The school also offered opportunities to participate in many external activities/competitions etc., which we appreciate. Last but not the least, all the support team including administrative staff (receptionist, transport coordinator, security, drivers, cleaning staff etc) are friendly and provide silent and quick care to all children.

We thank the entire HDFC school team for creating a good learning environment.

Sonali Venkatesh & Venkatesh Tarakkad
Student: Tanish Venkatesh

Class : VIII A

Ety Bakshi

Gauhar is a Fun Loving Child and always Smiling. Her Grasping power is strong and she is very good in Story Telling and enacting with lots of Facial expressions. She loves her Class Teacher Naintara Ma'am and enjoys each Class of her.

Moreover, In this Pandemic Situation , the entire school faculty is doing a good job and bringing the best of the Child by using the Digital Tools.

Ety Bakshi
Student: Gauhar Bakshi

Class : KG A

Rashmi Borah

"The HDFC school is a great school which provides the right balance of academics, sports and co curriculum activities to its students. They have an optimistic outlook to the ever-changing environment or circumstances. The regular parent teacher meetings are also a great practice adopted in the HDFC school. We are really happy to have chosen this school for our child."

Rashmi Borah
Student: Aarna Chaudhary

Class : KG A

Ankita Saxena & Ankur Saxena

Our association with The HDFC School Gurgaon started exactly a year back upon our return to India from a foreign country stint. We were keen to ensure that our Primary school going daughters continued their education at a school which considers holistic growth rather than only bookish learning as prime focus and we are so glad to have chosen this school.

The pedagogy and teacher-student association has been excellent and we have felt our kids enjoy classes so much they haven’t feared going to school and prefer actual school over the online classes. The extra-curricular activities like the Inter Disciplinary Activity has made learning fun for the students while making parents also feel part of their learning journey. We look forward to such creative events and interactions.

Special thanks to all teaching and non-teaching staff at The HDFC School and we look forward to continuing this special learning journey of our kids with you.

Ankita Saxena & Ankur Saxena
Student: Arvika & Arshiya Saxena

Class : KG A , V B

Nitin Dafraik

Despite the fact that HDFC school is very young school when compared to others, still the professionalism is there and they seem to know what they are doing.

Also being part of one of India’s biggest corporate group, it gives us a sense of security that the school will become better and better as time passes.

Nitin Dafraik
Student: Advitya Singh Dafraik

Class : II E

Surabhi Pathak

The HDFC school is a great institution which I feel imparts knowledge & life values like no one else. Their methodology is quite inclusive which helps in holistic teaching & development both in school and at home. The parent, teacher & in general interactions with school staff is quite unique as well as consistent.

Besides studies & books, the kids are encouraged to participate in various other activities like dance, music, pottery, celebrating festivals & innumerable other tasks which ultimately tie in with the primary objective of learning & acquiring life values.

The other thing worth mentioning is how the kids develop self confidence owing to the public speaking opportunities they get - like interdisciplinary projects , show & tell, recitation, etc. And most importantly, I am quite convinced that the amount of personal care & attention that is given to each child in HDFC is unparalleled.

I would recommend The HDFC school to all for their love of teaching, their love for children & how they amalgamate academics with life values which ultimately make the child a better person empowered with confidence & right education.

Surabhi Pathak
Student: Shubhi Pathak, Kaashvi Pathak

Class : V B, KG E

Dr Renu Kundu

Choosing the right school is one of the biggest conundrums all parents face in this age. I moved to Gurgaon 02 years back from Ahmedabad and finding the right school for my kid was my most critical decision. Like most parents, we visited a lot of schools, talked to fellow parents, read online reviews for various schools. Being from a Forces background, I had the easy option of choosing Air Force School or Army School for our child but we were not satisfied. In Feb 2018, we met Principal ma'am (Mrs. Makkar) and that made my decision very easy to join HDFC school. She asked me what my expectations were from school. I told her that I have only two expectations: channelizing the massive pool of energy of kids in the right direction of learning and trying to make them good human beings for the future.

I'm glad to say that I see a very positive environment with the right learning platform. Not only do the teachers put immense amounts of effort ( and patience) to teach young kids but they are also helping each child realize their potential. Every child in the classes participates in sports, music, cultural activities, yoga (to name a few). Every child is encouraged to learn public speaking. My child yearns to go to school everyday and I see small, gradual and continuous improvements in him.

If I had to revisit my decision of 2018, I would enrol my kid again in this school. We wish the best of luck to school under the able guidance of Mrs. Makkar and convey our heartfelt thanks in being a big part of the life journey of our children.

Dr Renu Kundu
Student: Ivaan Kundu

Class : I D

Virender Rawat

The HDFC School did not happen to us by chance. When I shifted to Gurgaon from Mumbai in 2017, we were looking for a good school and an overwhelming recommendation from my trusted friends was The HDFC School. Although the school had started couple of years back only, but, speaking to Mrs Anita Makkar, the principal Ma'am only sealed the confidence exuded by my friends. The teachers are qualified, intelligent, polite and receptive of suggestions. The student teacher ratio of 15 is I believe the best in any school. The high standard of education, use of latest tools, individual attention to every student etc., all reflect in the growth that I have seen in my child for the last couple of years. My daughter's hold on the fundamental concepts is great. More than anything else, she is growing into an independent thinking and confident person and I would like to attribute it largely to the School. I wish all the success to the HDFC School’

Virender Rawat
Student:Amishi Rawat

Class : VII B

Dr. Vandana Thakran

Most Respected Makkar Mam I feel extremely happy to submit my words of appreciation for all the teachers of Grade 5 led by Mrs Subhalaxna Bhardwaj and of course Mrs Divya Malhotra for grade 2. To begin with I didnot expect much from online classes but these teachers have really surpassed themselves and truly with held the honour of being an educationist. The time and effort these ladies put in without ever asking or mentioning is beyond duty! We as parents feel privileged to have our kids guided by them .

Dr. Vandana Thakran
Student: Dhun Thakran, Mehar Thakran

Class : V A, II B