Some kind words from our Parent Community in Gurgaon

"My journey with ‘The HDFC School’ commenced almost a little more than a month ago in July, 2018 when my two children joined the school. It may sound a bit cliché if I say that my children have gained confidence right there in the first month itself. I moved my children to a curriculum which they never experienced before. I was somewhat apprehensive when they started their new journey, was not sure whether they will continue for even another month as they were much settled in their earlier School. I must commend the efforts put in by the School – be it the delivery of the humungous curriculum for a variety of subjects or co-scholastics, sports etc. Extra classes for the gifted students inculcates confidence even in us as parents that our kids are going in the right direction."

Moreover, the motto of the School ‘Educate. Excel. Empower’ is adequate in all sense of the word. Even though the School delivers curriculum till Grade 10 currently, the school has laid the foundations for the students to go and grow ahead. I wish the school the best of opportunities in all the spheres of School life as well for the stakeholders - teachers, students, parents, administration and staff. Last but not the least, I want to take this opportunity to thank two pioneers who are the fulcrum of the School – Ms. Ruba Chakraborty and Ms. Anita Makkar. Their pleasing and confident demeanour and their belief that each student is special and should endeavour to find his/her own path to success, makes it further commendable.

Best of luck and wish years and decades of learning to all!

Mr. Amal Govil and Mrs. Kavita Govil
Parents of Aparna Govil (Grade VII) and Avani Govil (Grade V)

My daughter is studying in KG E at The HDFC School. Though it is a short span of approximately 1.4 years that we are associated with “The HDFC School”, but the contentment of making this right choice is felt everyday by us when our daughter goes happily to her school and when we see her learning and growing in a way, we actually had dreamt for. The HDFC School, a place where there is perfect balance in academics and all other extra -curricular activities including sports. When we talk about academics, it’s not the pressure on studies /huge syllabus, rather it’s the pace at which children are enjoying and learning well in their classrooms at school itself, Credit obviously goes to the teachers. It’s the big airy, full of light classrooms and approachable teachers what impressed me at the first point when I visited school. I still remember those first few days of my daughter at school, where Principal Ma’am herself was present at dispersal time for ensuring discipline and safety of kids. Reading a progress report, will make you realize how attention has been given to each and every aspect of your child’s well-being. Grooming is well seen in the instances when your 5 year child interrupts you immediately at one of your wrong pronunciations.

A special Thank you to Mrs. Anindita Majumdar, class teacher of my daughter for both the years. Her friendly, kind, lovely attitude plays a very important role in everything. A special attention to each child in teaching academics, sharing, caring, discipline at the same time is wonderful. Her timely feedback and updates have always helped us to be stay connected with our kid’s school life. The school decorum and infrastructure, safety and security, monthly activities, annual function, school staff, everything is good. We see it as a place for complete education and promising a bright future for our child.

We thank Principal Ma’am for her guidance and direction. All this will definitely take this school to newer heights!!

Mr. Pratyush Ravi and Mrs. Prachi Ravi
Parents of Trisha Srivastava (KG E)

There are so many wonderful things to say about the school. However, keeping it short, we feel so blessed that our child is a student of The HDFC School. We are seeing our child developing with each passing day. Entire staff takes the necessary time to understand student’s different learning styles and abilities. The way of encouraging children to adopt conceptual learning methodology is outstanding. Thank you for being our partner in parenting!

Mr. Gaurav Khurana and Mrs. Geetu Bagga
Parents of Chetas Khurana (Nursery)

One of the smartest decisions that I took was to enrol my children with The HDFC School. My son joined in its year of inception in Standard I. He cried only on the first day and the rest as they say is history. My daughter joined a couple of years later when Grade VI was introduced. I have seen them blossom and grow in almost every aspect. Both my children being poles apart in just about everything, I admit, I was very curious to see how they would be dealt with. Advait is in his 4th year at the School and Tara in her second year and I must say that they hate holidays or being sick, because neither of them wants to miss a single day. What I really like and admire, is the way the school maintains the delicate balance between academics, sports and extra curricular activities. Academics is not about doing rote learning but rather learning through various activities and individual experiences, lending to a holistic learning. At the same time, the emphasis and attention to each child is admirable. I must commend the teachers for the dedication they have. Each teacher knows each child and knows just about everything about him/her to help them on their paths. The teachers with whom we interact with every month, I would like to say that I am constantly grateful to them for what they do for my children. Being responsible for so many futures is not easy, and Mrs. Makkar, well, she makes it look real easy!

Mr. Nisheeth Sahay and Mrs. Smita Sahay
Parents of Adwait Sahay (Grade IV) and Tara Sahay (Grade VIII)

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude and satisfaction for my experience with The HDFC School.
I see the positive outcome of this decision of switching to the school, based on some of the changes we have witnessed in our son’s confidence levels and his understanding of the world around him.
We wish for the school to scale greater heights and yet remain grounded, as has been the case with all the institutions established by HDFC.

Mr. Niraj Garg and Mrs. Neera Garg
Parents of Aaradhy Garg (Grade IX)

I find this school as an extended family with personalized attention on students. Here more emphasis is laid on logical thinking & practical application of learnings. I sincerely believe that there is a positive change in my son’s enthusiasm. I have full faith in the guidance given and education imparted by the school and am sure that he will develop into a good human being.

Mr. Naveen Sharma and Mrs. Prem Lata
Parents of Parth Sharma (Grade IX)

"Our son joined the first batch of The HDFC School. We were switching schools for him and we wanted him to study in a school which balances progressive teaching methods, personality development and disciplined academic environment. We chose HDFC because of the extensive academic and administrative experience of the staff (especially the principal) and the credible, ethical and financially strong corporate group backing the school. I must say we were a little nervous trying out a new school. But after 2 years, we definitely believe we made a wise choice for the future of our son. The school staff is quite caring starting from the class teachers, all other teachers and the support staff for children. The curriculum helps the child balance between studies, physical activities (playing, yoga etc.), mental exercises (engineering classes) and artistic faculties (like dance, music and pottery). The best part, which makes the child feel special, is that the whole school is like a large Indian family. Most children know each other and the teachers and staff of the school by name and vice versa. The teachers are very much involved with each child's development. The staff including the Principal are very open to ideas and conversations. All in all, its been a satisfying experience and now even our younger daughter goes to the same school."

Kanika and Ambrish Bajaj
Parents of Advay Bajaj (Grade 1) and Arshi Bajaj (Nursery)

"I am glad that we got this opportunity to express our views about The HDFC School. Our son Samriddh is luckily part of the first set of students that School inducted. Being first school of our child we wanted to choose the best for him, and The HDFC School provided him the platform we dreamt of. The HDFC School strikes the perfect balance between discipline and independence of an individual. The teaching methodology is one of its kind and quality of facilitators is unbeatable. Time invested by school on quality of education is visible in the way our child is developing. Best part is extracurricular activities are given equal attention as academics. The HDFC School has innovated a new way of life for today's generation besides keeping our old values and morals intact. We feel our child is blessed to be part of this amazing discovery."."

Neha Singh Rana and Gaurav Pratap Singh
Parents of Samriddh Pratap (KG)

"HDFC is so much more than just a good school - there are plenty of those. What distinguishes HDFC is the nourishing of the whole child and providing the environment for each one to find their gifts and a sense of place in the world .".

Bonashree Khatoniar
Parent of Kian (KG)

"It’s been over one year now that our son is studying in The HDFC School and I must congratulate the entire team of The HDFC School for the great job being done at your end. Any parent will be little hesitant in putting their ward in a new school, and that too in Nursery class which is a very young and tender age. But we trusted the brand "HDFC" and once again it has lived up to its reputation and further cemented our belief in the organization. It is really impressive the way kids are handled in the school by each and every staff. According to me, at this age, if a kid is looking forward to going to school the next day, it actually is a litmus test of the efforts put in by school. And in our case, our child really looks forward to all the learning and enjoyment, he has in the school, every day."

Vikas Choudhary
Parent of Vaibhav Choudhary (KG)