Going Beyond Classroom

In order to build inclusive, diverse, and engaging learning environments for all types of learners we at The HDFC School, Pune provide our students learning opportunities that extend beyond the classrooms. This is critical for supporting and improving the learner experience as well as ensuring excellent holistic results for students. Our Best Practices include

Going beyond classroom

To make learning more interesting, intriguing, fascinating and adventurous we expose our students to activities like

  • Skype-a-thon
  • Global Connect
  • Minecraft Junior Imagine Cup
  • Rise 4SDG and
  • Participating in Climate change projects.

Such a global learning milieu will create the leaders of tomorrow, the citizens of a globalized world by increasing communal tolerance, fostering diversity, and advocating for a united world.


With a well-equipped smart campus and cutting-edge digital technologies for teaching and learning, The HDFC School provides students and teachers; with smart, personalized, responsive and enriched campus experience from the foundation years. Since the time of pandemic, the school has aimed to transform the learning environment for all students, regardless of their mode of study, so that the learning experience of the students match the sophisticated and seamless digital environments.


Education on the virtual forum yields multifarious benefits which would not have been acquired or perhaps even conceived if our conventional educational pedagogy would obstinately have endured. Skype in the Classroom, an event organized by Microsoft, was a spectacle worth beholding with the global community of students, educators and all stakeholders of educational institutes around the world becoming acquainted and interacting with one another on the e-Forums of Skype and Microsoft Teams.


With an expansive growth in the Ed-tech industry in recent years, it is quite evident that the use of digital devices and learning opportunities online has paved the way for Game-Based Learning. Many educational games like Kahoot, Minecraft, expose learners to targeted content through real-world situations and help learners develop essential life skills. Game-based learning is a teaching method that balances educational materials with the strategies, rules, and social aspects of playing a game.