Pune Parent Testimonials

I would like to appreciate the various applications being used by the school in grade 3 for children to do school work, in the online world. The Kahoot quizzes are much more challenging than simply using MS forms because they are time based. So children have to think quickly and the visual appeal is enhanced too. The flipgrid video activity enhances their verbal communication skills. They are also motivated to create the content themselves as they can see everyone else’s videos too. Wakelet too is a good tool and the best part was that after a couple of tries , my child could complete the entire activity independently. In Hindi, their teacher gave them puzzles on www.wordwall.net. This is the first time I saw a digital platform being used in Hindi and it improved the child’s engagement and interest. These tools have enhanced their digital skills, given them opportunities to learn new applications in a safe environment and improved their confidence in using the computer. My child enjoys all of them and it would be great to see more of these being used.

Shejal Veera
Student: Rishabh Shyam,

Grade: III C

The idea of sharing inter cultural activity through Microsoft Global Connect with different schools and cities is really wonderful. Kids really did a great job

Jyotsna Kar
Student: Ishan Kar

Grade: UKG E

Thanks for the PTM and a fruitful session discussing the key points. We appreciate the efforts made by You to make sure that Arjun’s learning process is continued in this tuff time when regular schooling is not possible. The variety in activities is good i.e. Educational sessions, Fun activities, Riddles, Storytelling & Fun Friday; which is keeping Arjun attached and he enjoys the sessions. In future also if You want to share any points with respect to Arjun’s progress, we will like to understand and implement it.

Santosh Solankar
Student:Arjun Solankar

Grade: II C

Now that the first term is over and kids are accustomed to the online virtual classes, I must say that both our children are really enjoying the online lessons. Its heartening to see the teachers are putting in so much effort. Even though classes are held virtually; all the teachers do a tremendous job in running the classes in a well-coordinated manner while ensuring good participation of each and every kid in the class.

Bornita and Avishek
Student: Tanisha Ghatak and Rishaan Ghatak

Grade:II E and V A

Congratulations to the entire team for the successful completion of the 1st Virtual IDP. It was a nice to see that students and teachers could together do justice to this platform. Commendable efforts by the team and good guidance by the mentors.

Safa Ulde
Student: Ahmed Syed

Grade: VIII A

Hats off to your patience and efforts you all have taken to make sure each kid understands the exam and subject well. Fortunate to be in HDFC school and in your class in such COVID situation also our kids are fully engaged... I must appreciate, you all are taking greatt efforts in all aspects. I am so much impressed with your energy, passion for your work and love toward each n every child of your class .. we are very lucky to have you as Sharvil’s class teacher

Harshal and Dr Roopali Kulkarni
Student:Sharvil Kulkarni

Grade: III C

It was wonderful virtual IDP. Hat’s off to all kids for their efforts and your kind support, without your help and encouragement this would not have been possible.

Jalpa Ajmera
Student: Arham Ajmera

Grade: UKG A

Had it not for the online classes I would not have known that Riya is blessed with such a committed teacher in her class . When Sunita Mam interacts with her students her involvement and enthusiasm are clearly visible in her voice (one need not see the video for it !) She is always encouraging and patient with the kids and also quite approachable for any queries from the parents' side. She definitely carries positive vibes in the class and as a parent I am very happy that my child is learning under her guidance .

Meenu Sharma
Student:Riya Sinha

Grade: II B

I really want to say the kind of effort you are putting in each and every child is highly commendable. Even in this kind of situation the way you are handling things and teaching each and every child is seriously awesome. I want to thank you for everything. Agastya is lucky to have you as his class teacher.

Ratna Sharma
Student: Agastya Singh

Grade: UKG D

Good to note the initiative from both the teachers and the students; we think that such initiatives help in grooming the children. Please keep up the good work.

Maruthe & Santhameena
Student: Vishvanand Maruthe

Grade: VIII A

It was an excellent outcome of the efforts put on by the teachers & students. It has certainly helped students build presentation skills, think collectively & work collaboratively. The teachers have played a vital role as it was virtual and requires excellent communication & coaching skills to achieve the desired outcome and making it a success. Once again congratulations to all for this successful performance

Priyakar and Priyanka Saxena
Student:Aditri Saxena

Grade: VI B