A few words from some our happy parents

As one of the top CBSE schools in Pune, The HDFC School has been appreciated by students and parents who have come forward to share their thoughts and feedback on the school's curriculum, teaching-learning methodologies and achievements. It’s this sort of unwavering support that strengthens our beliefs and makes us want to be better in every way. Read and listen to what some of our biggest fans, including confident parents like you and our passionate teachers have to say.

Testimonials of Founder Parents of The HDFC School, Pune

Parent Testimonials from The HDFC School, Pune

My children Dia and Rishi Chaudhary have just been promoted to grade 3.
Wished to express my appreciation for teachers Rim (class 2a class teacher 2018) and Neha Kataria (class 2 counselor) for their loving nature which helped our children enjoy the year and also overcome challenges these growing years pose.
Teachers like Rim Ma'am take the best out of every child by just letting them grow at their own pace and with their own shortfalls- by not making a fuss about it.
Likewise my daughter found a friend in Neha Ma'am when ever she met her. Although I don't wish to pursue the idea of counselling for a simply character trait of being extra emotional/sentimental, I certainly thank Neha Ma'am again for her smiling face and kind friendly nature which is a win with any kid.

Mrs. & Mr. Chaudhary Parents of Dia and Rishi Chaudhary (Grade 3)

I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Prabhu and the entire Pune HDFC School Team for a very well organised sports day event. It was an awesome display of meticulous planning and superb execution. The sincere efforts given by everyone involved were visible in each and every activity that was performed. Everything associated with this event was of a very high quality and there was no compromise anywhere.
I personally was a very happy soul as I travelled from UK just a few hours before this event only to attend this and I was very pleased to witness my son, Yohaan, contributing to the winning of his House by securing 2 gold medals! Both my children returned home satisfied and more confident after this event.
Once again, many thanks for this highly successful event and I wish the school all the best for all future events!

Mr. Sandeep Gambhir (father of Yohaan Gambhir (Grade VIII) and Anushka Gambhir (Grade III)

We were happy when our son to got admission in The HDFC School where he received an environment not just for academics but also for his mental, physical and emotional well-being. In a short period, my shy but highly talented son became confident, open, enthusiastic and happy. He started developing respect for his teachers for their co-operation, understanding and guiding nature. The monthly PTM opens up a broad platform for us, where we can share our appreciation and concerns for each other with no hesitation.
The professionalism of teachers and staff, who are always ready to help the students to overcome their hardships in the learning process is commendable.
Tons of thanks to the school and staff for the well structured curriculum, process and professionalism. Look forward to a long term and happy relationship with the school.

Mr. Somnath Kar and Mrs.Rasmita Acharya
Parents of Shriyansh Kar (Grade VI)

We are very pleased with the well-rounded approach of The HDFC School Pune, in ensuring holistic development of children. The focus of the school is not just on deep learning but also on inculcating the joy of learning in the students.
The students are encouraged to participate in various extra-curricular activities and again with an emphasis not just on getting their performances spot-on but also on enjoying them.
The practical assignments meticulously in-built in the school curriculum help in triggering and developing Thought Structuring and Thought Leadership qualities of the students.
All the field trips are fun-filled, informative and very well-organised; the parents are kept fully informed of the days’ time table.
The school also works on creating a special bond between students and teachers; class teacher having lunch along with the students every day in a relaxed and friendly environment is indeed a great step in that direction. A great school overall!

Mr. Atin Jain and Mrs. Shweta Jain
Parents of Yatharth Jain (Grade VII)

"Educate - Excel- Empower" are the perfect words on the logo of “The HDFC School ". When we moved to Pune this year, we were most concerned about our daughters’ school as they were in 8th and 5th Grades respectively. When we visited The HDFC School and met the staff and Principal Ma'am, the school became our first choice.
Now its been six months and we are associated with this school. The school has given my daughters opportunity to explore their individual creativity and led the foundation in developing analytical and conceptual abilities among them. The school has not only inspired my daughters by giving them the confidence they need along with the ability to take part in activities, which will eventually transit into solid foundation for the better future. Lastly I can say, it is the best school with good teachers and staff.

Mr. Milind Gunjkar and Mrs. Shweta Gunjkar
Parents of Shreya Gunjkar (Grade VIII) and Jiya Gunjkar (Grade V)

HDFC, as such, is an abbreviation of Housing Development Finance Corporation but if given an opportunity, so far as The HDFC School is concerned, I would say HDFC is an abbreviation for Home (of) Development for Children.
Yes, that is true! That is our genuine feeling as parents ever since our child joined The HDFC School. Our child feels at home at The HDFC School. The school is focused, not just on academics, but on the overall development of the child.
We are truly impressed with the care and concern that the teachers have for the children, which we get to notice in every PTM. The teachers provide inspiration and motivation to the children which is much appreciated.
Also, all the activities organised by the school are well managed and we appreciate the efforts of each and every staff of the school for all their efforts in training the children.
In short, The HDFC School has made school going a pleasure to our child and as parents we are extremely happy and thankful.

Mr. V.S Dhurairaj and Mrs. Eva Dhurairaj
Parents of D. Daniel (Grade VII)

We have admitted our son Ranajay Deshmukh to The HDFC School Pune, in Class VII, to unleash his holistic potential, in his formative days of his childhood. We validated our decision, as individual attention given to my son by school teachers under the guidance of the Principal, is praiseworthy.
Feedback taken by School, on regular basis like child’s hours of sleep, time spent on electronic gadgets, food habits, time spent on study etc, followed by regular mailers and messages, show concern of the School in child’s development after school hours.
It’s the first academic session of my child at the school, and as a parent, we have observed that he has taken steps ahead in building confidence.
Good Luck , Keep it up.

Mr. Sanjay Deshmukh and Mrs. Vijayshree Deshmukh
Parents of Ranajay Deshmukh (Grade VII)

Since last one year our son has been going to The HDFC School. Its been a pleasure to notice positive changes and growth in him. A very healthy culture of participation and a creative learning environment of the school have been the driving force behind his overall growth. We are happy that the most important aspect of education- encouragement and questioning are critically looked into by the well-trained teachers of The HDFC School. We appreciate that from the very beginning, the school has taken care of a sound mentoring process than just classroom teaching- learning. The infrastructure is well thought out and very well utilised. We wish the school an exciting and happy future.

Kuntal De and Shreya De
Parent of Comaan De (Grade VII A)

After returning from US, we were looking for a school that should be at par with the US schools for my son. We were lucky to get to know of The HDFC School. As a pleasant surprise, we found the school no less than the schools in US. The infrastructure, arrangements, tidiness are all top class. The school is super clean and airy and well-lit with natural light. The in-house library, play house and day care are extra facilities and those are very well managed too.
Apart from the world-class facilities, maintenance and infrastructure, the teaching/education is what I found very good. My kid was having trouble in Hindi as he was not aware of that language at all, but the teacher gave us confidence and told us that they will help him match pace with his other classmates. The Hindi teacher also suggested us not to go for any tuitions as the school would have extra classes for such students. This is what I found very nice as, nowadays in other schools they suggest going for extra tuitions. I can see the difference in just 2 months as he has now picked up the language and learned writing Hindi. The number of kids in each class is limited, and so teachers can give special attention to each student.
The admin staff is also very friendly and polite. They are very co-operative and always ready to help. My first impression when I visited the school was of the administrative staff’s politeness and co-operation, which assured me that I was taking admission for my child in a very good school. Once I drop my son to school, I feel safe for Yuvaraj as there is security staff, along with the teachers and admin staff to always keep a watch on these kids.
Overall, I no doubt would like to rate this school as 5 star and would also like to wish many more successes in coming years.

Mrs. Arati Kapil Patil and Mr. Kapil Sharad Patil
Parents of Yuvaraj Patil (Grade 1)

“It’s been two months since the school has started and as a parent, I can confidently say that admitting our son to The HDFC School has been the right decision. As we were living abroad I was looking for a school which would help my child develop holistically. The approach to education at The HDFC School is extremely balanced. I am pleased to see the growth of my son. Good luck to the Principal and the team”.

Mrs. Malita James
Parents of Jaden James (Grade IV)