As Parents of two children studying at the HDFC School Pune, something that stands out for us, is the high quality of Teachers. We find the PTM process, right from its scheduling to the student-specific assessment and feedback, to be very professional and insightful. We find the project based teaching methods to encourage independent thinking, collaboration and high standard of content. We believe that the exposure to varied opportunities in sports, music and other extra curricular activities provide a great platform for students to make best use of their childhood years to transform into resourceful, balanced and empowered citizens of the future.

Sudheer Narayanan
Student: Sidharth Sudheer

Grade: VI E

Student: Sreenandha Sudheer

Grade: UKG E

Our journey with the HDFC School started in the year 2018.

When we came back from the UK and looking for a quality CBSE School near Magarpatta, we fortunately found the HDFC School and got our children admitted here in 1st and 6th grades, respectively.

One of our major concerns was for our son Rajit, in 6th grade regarding his adjustment in an Indian school and his picking up Hindi, which he was totally unfamiliar with at that time. The school was extremely supportive in his transition and we have always remained very satisfied with his progress in all subjects at school.

Our main satisfaction comes from the fact that the teachers and co-ordinators are extremely approachable and interested in the overall well being of our children. The way the school adapted to the online mode during Covid pandemic was exemplary and the hard work put in by the teachers was extraordinary!

Needless to say, we recommend the school to all parents looking for a CBSE school. It’s their fifth academic year and our children love going to school everyday.

Mrs. Dixit
Student: Rajit Dixit

Grade: X A

I am Zara Moosvi's (Nursery-A) Mother. This email is specifically in view for the Efforts put in by Ms Denise D'Souza to shape my Daughters Personality. Because of her my daughter loves going to school, so much that she doesn't want to miss School on weekends too.

Maam's Soft Nature makes her every kids favorite Teacher. Having attended the IDP has surprised me when we saw our Daughter speak confidently on Stage and on Mic too. I look forward for every PTM Session since it brings so many insights about Zara's Performance in class, not to forget how Kids worksheets are presented to Parents which makes us involved in the process.

The Admin Coordinator Ms Rachna is very supportive and in every PTM the Staff too is very well presented. The Management is amazing. I'm very impressed with the School. Thank you for every thing.

Masooma Razavi
Student: Zara Moosvi

Grade: NUR A

We would like to bring to your notice that we have seen demonstrated positive developments in Anaya Sharma (Class 6D). She joined The HDFC School, Pune in June'2022. In the past six months, we have observed that she takes a lot of ownership of the academic curriculum and her deliverables. She has developed an inquisitive mindset and is inclined to explore further the topics that are being covered in the class. Also, she has taken a keen interest in non-academic and group/team activities as well.

All these positive changes could not have been possible without the support and guidance of her teachers. The amount of faith that her teachers have reposed in her has resulted in a substantial increase in her overall confidence.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers and the support staff. It has been a fruitful journey till now and we will look forward to the continued support and guidance of her class teacher (Shilpi Ma'am) and all her teachers.

Shweta Sharma
Student: Anaya Sharma

Grade: 6 D

Here with, we the parents of Ridit Modekar would like to share our feedback for UKG term 1- FY22-23.

Right from day one in UKG Ridit was super excited to be at school. His affection for school has always been growing. This affection, Interest in school is outcome of your 100% attention to all kids. You have been a great support in all developments of Ridit. Your time to time suggestions in our PTMs have helped us explore different learning aspects. Different internal and external competitions be it Fancy dress, Poem recitation, Small speeches etc have helped Ridit to boost his confidence. We can see that when he goes around and speaks fearlessly. Thanks for all your support.

On curriculum side, we see him now reading English quite easily. He has good understanding of basic maths concepts expected at his grade. He is also good to recognise Hindi swar and vyanjans.

Overall great support Poonam Ma'm from you in first half of UKG. Many thanks. Looking forward for term 2 and preparations for 1st grade. Please do let us know in case you have any suggestions to us and we will try our best to implement your suggestions.

Ravindra Modekar and Abhilasha Modekar
Student: Ridit Modekar

Grade: UKG A

The HDFC School is an excellent school in Pune. The teaching and support staff are fantastic. The school provides a nurturing environment and outstanding learning opportunities for the students. My kids are enrolled here and enjoy going to school.

Jyotsna Kunchala
Student: Krishav and Trijal

Grade: VI E

We are very happy with the way Smayanth has settled down in the class. Initially we were worried as the school was opening after the pandemic. But, Poonam ma'am has ensured that she made my child comfortable in the class. He always enjoys coming to school and loves all the activities done. Thank you so much for providing such an environment for the children.

Ravish Jain
Student:Smayanth Jain

Grade: UKG A

I would like to take this opportunity to tell that I really appreciate The HDFC School and all that, your staff and support team have done to enrich my daughter Nimisha's educational journey. We have watched her grow in every aspect of her life, through love, attention, and professional care of all your teachers. The past year at The HDFC School has been the most productive ever, we have seen her make tremendous strides in language and she is verbalizing more and more each day. It is empowering to be a part of this school that looks forward for the best in each child. My special thanks to the Principal Dr. Amruta Prabhu Ma'am, and all the teachers, especially Ms. Roopa Dhudhankar and Ms. Aditi Ahire who have been a source of confidence and inspiration for my child to work hard towards her goal. Thank you for always lifting our child up and make us feel proud of our daughter.

Smitha Shekatkar
Student: Nimisha Shekatkar

Grade: X A